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Stay together


I recently attended a wedding of one of my close friends whom I've known for more than 10 years. It was beautiful, whimsical and the love shared by the couple was genuinely felt by everyone. This was also my daughters first time at being a flower girl and I must say she did exceptionally well and held her tantrums together (right before she walked down the aisle, thank god!). She also owned the dance-floor which was a given since she loves, loves, loves dancing. (*insert proud mother moment).

Honestly, it was moving to see and feel the love that both Martin & Louisa share. The ceremony which was headed by a celebrant who executed her job with effortless love and enthusiasm, took us on their love journey and we all witnessed how perfectly they both fit in each other’s life. She was serious when she needed to be but also expressed humour at the right times. The celebrant clearly loved what she was doing and gave extra effort to make the ceremony meaningful for the newlyweds and guests.

Amazing is the word to describe the day. Love undeniably took over which was evident in the smiles, happy tears (which I shamelessly admit to shedding a few), laughs, the speeches to the first dance until the end with amazing hyper-photographers capturing each moment, it truly was enjoyable and so fun to have been a part of. It wasn't your traditional wedding reception of doves flying out of bells, no entourage nor VIP wedding table, no throwing of bouquets or wedding garter activities. There was a vibe of simplicity and sincerity. It was wonderful in all its genuineness and uncomplicatedness, just how weddings should be celebrated. The set-up of the ceremony and reception was far beyond on point and of course the food, my goodness it was delicious. Cake was simply divine and the dessert table looked and tasted extraordinary. You can’t go wrong with having extra sweets at a wedding, I know I didn't complain :)

Weddings bring out the best in people, and it surely did at this one. Truly one of the best weddings I have been to, where Louisa and Martin's forever began!

Photos: Instagram @apesylove and professional photo cred to RnR Productions


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