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I recently attended a wedding of one of my close friends whom I've known for more than 10 years. It was beautiful, whimsical and the love shared by the couple was genuinely felt by everyone. This was also my daughters first time at being a flower girl and I must say she did exceptionally well and held her tantrums together (right before she walked down the aisle, thank god!). She also owned the dance-floor which was a given since she loves, loves, loves dancing. (*insert proud mother moment).

Honestly, it was moving to see and feel the love that both Martin & Louisa share. The ceremony which was headed by a celebrant who executed her job with effortless love and enthusiasm, took us on their love journey and we all witnessed how perfectly they both fit in each other’s life. She was serious when she needed to be but also expressed humour at the right times. The celebrant clearly loved what she was doing and gave extra effort to make the ceremony meaningful for the newlyweds and guests.

Amazing is the word to describe the day. Love undeniably took over which was evident in the smiles, happy tears (which I shamelessly admit to shedding a few), laughs, the speeches to the first dance until the end with amazing hyper-photographers capturing each moment, it truly was enjoyable and so fun to have been a part of. It wasn't your traditional wedding reception of doves flying out of bells, no entourage nor VIP wedding table, no throwing of bouquets or wedding garter activities. There was a vibe of simplicity and sincerity. It was wonderful in all its genuineness and uncomplicatedness, just how weddings should be celebrated. The set-up of the ceremony and reception was far beyond on point and of course the food, my goodness it was delicious. Cake was simply divine and the dessert table looked and tasted extraordinary. You can’t go wrong with having extra sweets at a wedding, I know I didn't complain :)

Weddings bring out the best in people, and it surely did at this one. Truly one of the best weddings I have been to, where Louisa and Martin's forever began!

Photos: Instagram @apesylove and professional photo cred to RnR Productions


Being off social media for 4 weeks had more ups than downs. Ups : more time spent with loved ones, not constantly checking my phone for notifications or taking photo's to post on instagram or facebook (because not doing that is so mainstream.. lol), not knowing what everyone was up to whenever I would bump into someone due to no exposure to posts or check in's before hand which makes of a good conversation and catch up (how it should be) and the list goes on. Downs: not much to say on the downs of being off social media, it was more of a "breath of fresh air". There were the occasional instances where friends/family would ask me "oh did you see where abc went the other week or did you happen to stumble across xyz's post?" which  I would have no knowledge of obviously, however I'm glad that I did social media fasting.. 

But having said all that, I'm back!!! 100%! Unfortunately or fortunately for some social media is such a big part of our genertaion so we need to just ride with it and enjoy what it has to offer. I've got so much planned for the blog this year and hoping that I have more time on my hands to execute them! For starters, definitely need to sharpen my photography and baking skills and who knows you might start to see collaborations on here so make sure you are watching this space frequently for updates and new posts (which I promise to do more of this year too).

For those who have been following Apesylove, thank you for being a part of this journey! 

Photos: from my Instagram @apesylove 


Happy 2015.

I've decided to do a little cleansing exercise to start the year off, and no it's not your typical eating clean or getting fit cleansing exercise but one that involves giving up social media for a few weeks (Facebook and Instagram). I wanted to do something a little different hoping that being offline will provide me with a new perspective on the year ahead and come back with bigger and better things for Apesylove.

Fresh start. Focus on the good. Spread love not hate


Given that our stay in LA was limited, our visit to Disneyland was rushed. Nonetheless an eventful, memorable and the most amazing day was had as we were able to celebrate my daughter's 2nd birthday at the most happiest place on earth. Seeing my daughters face of exhilaration and amazement honestly made me feel all fuzzy inside. Though she is still too young to remember this day I was pretty certain at the time she understood what was happening around her especially when the Frozen parade came on, the look on her face was way too priceless. She yelled out 'Elsa, Ana, Olaf" waving and smiling from ear to ear. Lucky for us, my husband was able to capture the very moment as she saw the Frozen float parade itself in front of hundreds of people. This moment caused me to shed a tear or two.

My daughter may not remember that very day but the photos we took will be proof of how overwhelmingly ecstatic she was. This one topped my holiday, knowing how happy I have made my daughter on her 2nd birthday. Happy Happy birthday indeed!



Summer is here, well almost which means it's time to start looking for inspiration to furnish our alfresco area where we will be holding bbq's, chill out sessions, Christmas/new year festivities and simply to celebrate summer, just because :)

These are just a few that I came across and fell in love with the dark wicker setting, of course will spruce it up with some bright colours to give our outdoor living space a bit more character. This summer I am going for more of the aqua/blue feel as opposed to our current yellow which was soooo last summer, literally lol.

I'll keep you guys posted!

Photos: From Pinterest - outdoor home decor


I am still in holiday mode hence why I have yet to provide a full update on my whole U.S trip but I promise I will shortly. Let me start by sharing some instagram snapshots of my favourite city which I was able to capture on my iphone. The vibe of this place is just phenomenal and for those of you who have visited can attest, surely.

Believe me, 5 days was not enough for me to explore the big apple. I definitely will be back to make sure I get the whole concrete jungle experience. 


The most anticipated holiday is just around the corner. I am beyond excited to explore different parts of USA with my beautiful family. It has been almost 3 years since my last overseas trip - in between these years I got hitched, knocked up and gave birth to my darling daughter, hence why holidaying was non existent as being a wife and mum was keeping me totally busy.
I will be updating ‘apesylove’ after our holiday hoping to fill it with all the wonderful little adventures and food trips we are about to encounter!
Are you ready for me San Francisco, New York, Washington, Michigan, Los Angeles and Vegas????????? Hope so, because I'm ready for you... Come at me!

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