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I'm back!


Being off social media for 4 weeks had more ups than downs. Ups : more time spent with loved ones, not constantly checking my phone for notifications or taking photo's to post on instagram or facebook (because not doing that is so mainstream.. lol), not knowing what everyone was up to whenever I would bump into someone due to no exposure to posts or check in's before hand which makes of a good conversation and catch up (how it should be) and the list goes on. Downs: not much to say on the downs of being off social media, it was more of a "breath of fresh air". There were the occasional instances where friends/family would ask me "oh did you see where abc went the other week or did you happen to stumble across xyz's post?" which  I would have no knowledge of obviously, however I'm glad that I did social media fasting.. 

But having said all that, I'm back!!! 100%! Unfortunately or fortunately for some social media is such a big part of our genertaion so we need to just ride with it and enjoy what it has to offer. I've got so much planned for the blog this year and hoping that I have more time on my hands to execute them! For starters, definitely need to sharpen my photography and baking skills and who knows you might start to see collaborations on here so make sure you are watching this space frequently for updates and new posts (which I promise to do more of this year too).

For those who have been following Apesylove, thank you for being a part of this journey! 

Photos: from my Instagram @apesylove 


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