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Summer is here, well almost which means it's time to start looking for inspiration to furnish our alfresco area where we will be holding bbq's, chill out sessions, Christmas/new year festivities and simply to celebrate summer, just because :)

These are just a few that I came across and fell in love with the dark wicker setting, of course will spruce it up with some bright colours to give our outdoor living space a bit more character. This summer I am going for more of the aqua/blue feel as opposed to our current yellow which was soooo last summer, literally lol.

I'll keep you guys posted!


I'm not at all well educated in the fashion world department but I have a high appreciation for style. Christine Centenera who is of Filipino/Spanish decent, currently the senior fashion editor of  Vogue Australia had caught my attention. I am so in love with her edgy style and boldness. It is no wonder she is successful at what she does and is highly recognised within the fashion industry.

She definitely is my current style crush along with her equally gorgeous and stylish sister, Tricia who is a fashion blogger and a host based in the Philippines. Tricia has amazing taste and tends to do a lot of mix and matching of new, old and high end fashion. I have been an avid fan of her since stumbling across her fashion blog. Her famous blog tag is "Be true to your own style" and if you get a chance to read her posts, it's pretty evident.

Clearly beauty and brains run in the family.

Photos | Vogue | http://triciacentenera.com/


I have been dreaming of re-vamping the look of our 1 year old home and leaning towards the Scandinavian / Swedish feel. They are easy on the eyes with its bright and simplistic elegance which will make you feel so airy and clean.
With the help of blog surfing I came across a before and after makeover of this beauty of a bedroom. Check the before photos here and slight step by step guide. You will be surprised of the changes made. Stunning and stylish are the words that best describe it. One day I will have the opportunity to refurbish our home, one day!
Photos | Avenue Lifestyle


So I'm not the skinny, stylish and long legged stereotypical model. In fact, I am no model at all but I felt the need to strike a pose in front of this random wall-art we found whilst strolling around the back streets of Richmond. True to it's form, Melbourne's "four seasons in one" kind of weather graced us and we were lucky to see the sun for about 10 minutes just in time to take this mini photo shoot with my daughter as my muse of course.
I committed to this ensemble of an outfit to represent the somewhat stylish yet rugged up look in order to welcome the cold Melbourne weather.
Photography by Rommel Alfonso | Bardot jumper, Miss Shop parka, Zara shorts, Novo ankle boots | Richmond, Melbourne


Winter is well on it's way here in Sydney. What better way to embrace this season by rugging up in these grey numbers put together by my two favourite style icons of our era, Miranda Kerr and Olivia Palermo.
Grey is the new black and with Miranda and Olivia effortlessly looking fab, it has motivated me revisit my wardrobe and see if I can put together something tenuously close to this. All I need is a grey boyfriend coat to begin my winter fashion obsession and maybe some other bits and pieces.
However I'm a bit low in funds as I'm currently saving for my upcoming family trip to the US of A. Maybe my fashion wants will have to be put on hold for now.
Photos | Miranda Kerr | Olivia Palermo

Playing house

My house is almost a year old and we still haven't completed furnishing parts of our home. They say it comes with progression and time, I second that. Our weekends are always pretty full on hence why we haven't had the chance to getting around to it.
I have been obsessed with modern designer furniture and these are just a few pieces which are definitely on my wishlist.
Photos | Furniture from Click on furniture


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