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Game 5 NBA Title 2014 Championship winners | Spurs 104 - Heat 87
Although I'm not a true Spurs fan, I admired their strength, offensive tactics and consistency as a whole throughout the season which led them to their finals moment. Even the Heat opening with a 22-6 lead did not stop the Spurs from taking the 2014 NBA title. I must admit, the game was not as intense as previous championship final games I've witnessed but a rather deserving win for the Spurs nonetheless.
Being an Aussie, my patriotic pride kicked in as dynamite Patty Mills made his mark in the game. Scoring 17 points, five of them being threes in the 3rd quarter, he now has a championship ring to remind him of how awesome he played and turning his NBA dream to reality. Not to mention his fellow Aussie team mate Aron Baynes scoring 2 points from the free throw line. Thanks for making us proud boys!
Overall an exceptional but a less excitable NBA finals. Great sportsmanship shown by both teams.
Now it's time for Spurs to party like it's 1999.
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