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Given that our stay in LA was limited, our visit to Disneyland was rushed. Nonetheless an eventful, memorable and the most amazing day was had as we were able to celebrate my daughter's 2nd birthday at the most happiest place on earth. Seeing my daughters face of exhilaration and amazement honestly made me feel all fuzzy inside. Though she is still too young to remember this day I was pretty certain at the time she understood what was happening around her especially when the Frozen parade came on, the look on her face was way too priceless. She yelled out 'Elsa, Ana, Olaf" waving and smiling from ear to ear. Lucky for us, my husband was able to capture the very moment as she saw the Frozen float parade itself in front of hundreds of people. This moment caused me to shed a tear or two.

My daughter may not remember that very day but the photos we took will be proof of how overwhelmingly ecstatic she was. This one topped my holiday, knowing how happy I have made my daughter on her 2nd birthday. Happy Happy birthday indeed!


  1. Such beautiful photos! I wish to take my baby girl there as well when she gets older :) I cant imagine the 16 hour ride to the US with a toddler! :\ A feisty one, at that!

    1. I thought it was going to be a horrible flight but the most Savvy did was sleep on the plane and had an Ipad to keep her occupied. I hope you and your baby girl can visit Disneyland. Let me know if you need any other "travelling with an infant" tips :)


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