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So I'm not the skinny, stylish and long legged stereotypical model. In fact, I am no model at all but I felt the need to strike a pose in front of this random wall-art we found whilst strolling around the back streets of Richmond. True to it's form, Melbourne's "four seasons in one" kind of weather graced us and we were lucky to see the sun for about 10 minutes just in time to take this mini photo shoot with my daughter as my muse of course.
I committed to this ensemble of an outfit to represent the somewhat stylish yet rugged up look in order to welcome the cold Melbourne weather.
Photography by Rommel Alfonso | Bardot jumper, Miss Shop parka, Zara shorts, Novo ankle boots | Richmond, Melbourne


  1. Sweet blog darlin ;) I didn't realise you had one! Love the outfit by the way!

  2. Haha thanks Raver Ria. I'm no writer but I enjoy blogging. I used to blog a lot more back in the day but I've deleted them all, so I've started fresh.

    I read your blog all the time and quite inspired by your style.. I'll add you to my faves list for sure!


  3. Apes - Loving your blog and all your pics!!

    Why is this the first I've heard about it?!!?

    Will definitely be watching this space more often xo

    1. Thanks lovey... Haha I don't advertise it that's why. I'm shy still lol

      I'll add your blog to my faves too since I've been a follower from day dot! keep them coming too.


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