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First one

With the busy life of being a wife, mum and juggling full time work, I needed a creative outlet so I thought putting together a lifestyle blog would just do the trick!
My blog will cover anything and everything from food, baking, travel, fitness, family, parenting tips, friends, fashion, home, interior design, love and living the simple life.. I'm not an expert on any of these things but I'd like to think that I am, hehehe.
During Easter long weekend, we went on a day trip up Central Coast, NSW to Terrigal Beach. Although it's Autumn here in Sydney, the weather was close to perfect (apart from the wind blowing hair in my face) I still had the greatest time with my family and close friends.
This is why I miss summer :(
Photos | Beautiful shades of blue sky | My daughter Savannah | Candid shot of my cousin, Leanne.


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